Personal Safety Tips – Part 3

Most of us leave our home at least once each day.  Whether it’s driving to the grocery store or going on your daily walk, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.  By using simple precautions, you can safely enjoy the time you spend outside of your home.

If You are Attacked:

  • Noise is your most immediate defense.  Not only will sound attract attention to you and make your location known, but it may also cause the would-be attacker to flee.
  • If possible, run in the direction of help.  An assailant usually will not engage in a pursuit because it could increase the possibility of detection or apprehension.
  • If the assailant demands your wallet, purse, keys, or money, give it to him or her.  Don’t risk your life.
  • Never leave the site of the attack when prompted by an attacker.  Don’t believe an assailant that says he or she won’t hurt you if you leave with him or her.  Stay where you are, fight and scream.

While these tips can be helpful, they do not guarantee your safety.  Immediately contact the police if you detect any suspicious behavior.

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