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Tempted to text behind the wheel?

The best communicators understand the importance of brevity. The fewer words we use to deliver our message, the less of our audience’s valuable time we take up. With that in mind, Texas Mutual encourages you to invest 30 seconds in watching this short video. It might save your life.

Give safety a hand

Distracted driving is a leading cause of workplace accidents. If you use a cellphone, put on makeup, reach for something in the back seat, or do anything else that takes your attention from the task at hand, you put yourself and other drivers at risk.


Visit Texas Mutual’s for information and free safe driving resources.

The ROI of Safety in the Workplace

Texas Mutual and the Austin Business Journal recently hosted a panel discussion titled “The ROI of Safety in the Workplace.” Here are some of their panelists’ tips for making safety a value in your organization.

Be proactive

Kenneth Paninski, safety consultant, Texas Fifth Wall Roofing

“Don’t wait until you have an accident or you get fined to take safety seriously. If someone gets injured, learn from the experience. Keep digging until you find out why the accident happened. Take corrective action, and follow up to make sure you fixed the issue.”

Focus on return-to-work

Rich Jackson, CEO, Texas Restaurant Association

“When someone gets injured, getting them well and back to work should be your priority. Make sure the employee knows you are there to support them and you want them back on the team. If the relationship gets adversarial, other employees will take note, and morale might suffer.”

Get employee buy-in

Marcia Williams, human resources director, Chuy’s restaurant

“Management commitment drives safety, but it can’t be a top-down situation. Employees have to be part of the process. We ask for their suggestions on improving the safety program, and we implement the good suggestions. If we don’t implement a suggestion, we always follow up with the employee to explain why.

Promote safe driving

Jim Sierra, vice president of finance, Texas Oil and Gas Association

“Most of us drive every day, and we don’t think about the risks. Traffic accidents are the leading causes of workplace accidents. TxOGA and Texas Mutual launched a safe driving campaign that recommends four simple tips: buckle up every time, control your speed, avoid distractions and never drive drowsy.”

Conduct frequent inspections

Cathy Rudzinski, vice president/chief financial officer, Goodwill Industries

“Our managers conduct daily inspections of our facilities, looking for hazards. We also bring in a third party to conduct unannounced inspections. That approach keeps everyone on their toes and sends the message we take their safety seriously.”

Use your free resources

Will Newton, executive director, NFIB Texas

“Take advantage of the free resources Texas Mutual offers. The safety resource center at has streaming videos and downloadable materials that fit your company’s unique needs. If you’re new to safety, start by taking the interactive safety self-assessment. The free resources are especially valuable to small businesses that don’t have the luxury of a full-time safety director.”

Source: Austin Business Journal