I AM PROUD to be a security officer, and I will accept the responsibilities of my office, dedicating myself before God to this, my chosen profession.

I AM NOT a policeman or peace officer. My primary role is one of prevention rather than apprehension; therefore I will never imply by word or action, in public or in private, that I am a peace officer.

I WILL NEVER act officiously in the performance of my duties. I will enforce the rules of my employer and the laws of the land without fear of favor, malice or ill will, never using unnecessary force and never accepting gratuities.
As a SECURITY OFFICER, it is my duty to prevent crime, safeguard lives and property, deter violators, report violations, and enforce the rules of the client who has engaged my services.
I WILL NOT allow my personal feelings or friendship to influence my decisions. That which I see and hear of a confidential nature, or that which is confided to me in my official capacity, I will hold as a sacred trust, unless the revealing of it is necessary in the performance of my duties.
I recognize that the UNIFORM I WEAR is a symbol of the trust and faith of my employer, and is public trust placed in me by the State of Texas. I will wear it with pride and dignity, never violating this trust by word or deed. I will strive to instill this pride in other security officers with whom I come in contact.
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