MUST HAVE – Valid Driver’s License MUST HAVE – Your own personal vehicle MUST HAVE – Insurance on your vehicle MUST HAVE – Your own working personal cell phone

Please fill out and submit the following pre-application to be considered for employment, or call our office at 281-546-4795 for instructions on applying in person.

ALSO: Additional employee documents will be presented at your interview for you to complete.

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Pre-application for Employment

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First Name:*
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Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yy)
Social Security Number:
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Additional Phone:
Are you willing to work: All Shifts Day Evening Night Full Time Part Time (Check all that apply)
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Hourly Wage Desired:
Professional Training
Security Training School:
Course of Study:
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1. Are you able to understand and follow written and verbal orders and instructions?
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2. Do you have good written and verbal communications skills?
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3. Do you have reliable transportation? (Your mommy’s car doesn’t count. Public transportation doesn’t count either.)
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4. Are you able to comply with the state licensing requirement?
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5. Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent?
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6. Have you ever been convicted with a class A misdemeanor?
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7. Have you ever been convicted with a class B misdemeanor within the last five years?
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8. Have you ever been convicted with a felony?
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9. Are you eligible to work in the United States?
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10. Are you at least 18 years of age?
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11. If you have been in the military, have you been discharged other than Honorable?
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12. Do you speak any languages other than English?
If you answered “Yes” to #12, please list the languages you speak here:

Employment and Experience

Beginning with your present or most recent experience, list your last three employments, assignments, or volunteer activities. You may exclude volunteer activities that may suggest age, religion, sex, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

Special Note: We do not hire anyone who is currently employed as a security guard with another company. We understand the need for a second job, but you may not work a second job as a security guard while employed at CIS Guards at the same time.

Employer #1: Occupation: Phone #:
Address: Start Date: Leave Date:
Salary: Reason for Leaving:

Employer #2: Occupation: Phone #:
Address: Start Date: Leave Date:
Salary: Reason for Leaving:

Employer #3: Occupation: Phone #:
Address: Start Date: Leave Date:
Salary: Reason for Leaving:

Comments: Please explain any gap(s) you had in employment. If due to military service, please describe when this occurred and any training you received, as well as major areas of responsibility that would enable you to perform the job for which you have applied.


Please list below three personal or employment references who are not related to you.

* By submitting this employment application form, you agree to authorize Commercial Investigations & Security to contact any personal references or previous employers listed above for verification.

Reference #1: Name: Address: Phone #:
Reference #2: Name: Address: Phone #:
Reference #3: Name: Address: Phone #:

Emergency Information

Please contact the following individuals in case of emergency.

Contact 1: Relationship to Employee:
Phone #: Cell #:
Contact 2: Relationship to Employee:
Phone #: Cell #:

Please Read Carefully Before Submitting:

I certify that the information provided by me on this application, accompanying resume, or any attachments that I have supplied, is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and that any misrepresentation, omission, falsification or failure to disclose pertinent information will be cause for dismissal if hired.

I authorize and give consent to my current and prior employers, educational institutions and persons or organizations named in this application (or accompanying resume) to release information to the company that may be required to make an employment decision. This authorization will serve as a release of any and all information and for this purpose a photocopy shall be considered an original and valid.

I understand that if I am hired, I may be subjected to drug and alcohol screenings, to the extent permitted by law, during the course of my employment for cause or pursuant to the company’s drug and alcohol policy. I understand that my employment is contingent upon the satisfactory passing of any such tests. Therefore, a positive test result, the alteration or tampering with a test or its results, or my refusal to take the test may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of my employment.

I understand and agree that this application is not a contract and that my acceptance is not a contract of employment for a definite term. I understand that the application will remain active for 90 days. After that time, if I desire further consideration by the company, I will renew my application in writing or in person. I understand that if I am hired, I will be considered a temporary worker on a 90 day probationary period from the date of hire. If I am hired, I understand and agree that I may resign my employment at any time, for any reason and that my employment may be terminated at the will of the company at any time, for any reason. I agree that my at-will employment may be changed only in writing signed by an authorized representative of the company. I also understand that any handbooks, manuals, policies or procedures maintained by the company are not contractual in nature and may be amended or abolished at the sole discretion of the company at any time. In the event we discharge for cause, or you quit without proper two week notice, your last check will be at federal minimum wage.

During training and training only, commissioned and non-commissioned guards receive $7.50/hr. Any new hires must have the ability to pay applicable registration fees up front.

I have read, understood, and agree to the above terms and conditions.*

Signature, date, and a copy of a photo ID will be requested upon interview.
Reminder: Print and fill out the necessary additional pages to bring to your interview.